The Bread


Wholesome and tasty... The combination of whole wheat flour, oat bran and whole oats results in this very tasty wholesome loaf.


Plenty of grains... The flavor and texture are Heidelberg's own. With plenty of cracked wheat, ryecorn, millet, flax, and barley.


Healthy & nutritious... A flavorful and nutritious loaf. Flax seeds have many healthy benefits, they are loaded with vitamin B3 and essential Omega 3 fatty acids.


The Original The French Peasant loaf reigns as the most widely enjoyed of all. It's weighty texture and abundant flavor derives from a careful blending of unbleached white flour, coarse cracked wheat grains, a bit of salt and yeast, followed by a slow fermentation process.


Companions The Dinner Rolls are made of the same slowly fermented doughs used for French Peasant and Cracked Wheat. However, they boast an added crusty character from the stone hearth on which they are baked. Perfect companions for every meal.


...Never tasted so good This fine pan loaf with coarse Cracked grains of Wheat is a kin to our Peasant bread. A healthy alternative to regular white bread for your daily uses. Make your toaster Smile.


Tasty & chewy... A tasty and chewy sandwich roll.


The Natural This truly great bread is uniquely 100% Whole Wheat. It is hardy, weighty and fulfilling. You can taste the flour's stone ground whole kernel character, offered in this practical pan loaf.


Real Bread Not your typical sliced white... We are happy to offer this fine White pan loaf. It is nostalgia on your table. A bread like the one our grandmothers use to make. Made with unbleached white flour. Real bread for every day use: as toast for your breakfast, the kid's lunches, or even just a simple grilled cheese sandwich.


Full Bodied We meet our challenge with this loaf. Extreme care is taken to prepare this yeast free bread. The remarkable full bodied flavor comes from aged dough which in turn causes the bread to rise. Perfect for wine and cheese tastings.


Our Meister baker steps forwards for the honors on this legendary Rye. A palatable robust flavour for those who enjoy strong yet refined tastes. Available in pan or round loaves. Remember Lüchows' anyone?


Flavor Flare One of my most popular loaves. The large dried raisins and roasted unsalted sunflower seeds along with a blend of Whole Wheat and White flours make this Raisin Sunflower bread a meal in itself. Fabulous toasted, or my favorite... Raisin Sunflower French toast topped with real Quebec premium maple syrup.


Old German standard. Many fans of this Pumpernickel pan loaf use it for deli style sandwiches. Naturally coloured with caramel and Pumpernickel meal. Perfect for strong cheeses and aged deli meats.


On The Go Oh la la, an authentic French Baguette! Should be carried home under your arm. While on the go, for lunch or picnic. This Baguette of Cracked Wheat is a must with a real home cooked meal. Perfect for Pâté hors-d'oeuvres; sliced oblique and toasted.


Chewy & flavorful... A golden crust, chewy inside, and our own distinctive Italian flavor next to none.


Thick & hearty Our hearty rye is thick crusted and its inherent flavor comes from fresh rye chops and caraway seeds.

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